Games I’m Looking Forward To: “Watch Dogs”

It’s E3 week and, even though the show hasn’t officially started yet, there’s already a ton of new game announcements and trailers. All the usual big names are there, but this year feels a little underwhelming in terms of big surprises.

That is until I saw the trailer for the GTA-ish open world game Watch Dogs. I don’t have a firm grasp of the plot yet, but what they’ve shown definitely piqued my interest. Apparently you play a guy who has the ability to manipulate computer networks allowing him to look up information on anyone and everyone including their public records, who they work for, what connections they have to other people in the game, etc. and you can also manipulate any network connected system. It also appears to be a period piece set during the Great Blackout of 2003.

Check it:

I want to play this right now. If the final game holds up to the promise this small taste provides then it’s going to eat up a lot of my spare time. No word on a release date, but I hope it’ll be soon.

Update: Found another video that gives a brief intro to the world of Watch Dogs:

3 thoughts on “Games I’m Looking Forward To: “Watch Dogs”

  1. It is set in the present. The 2003 blackout was just the set up to this current story.

  2. Ah! Thanks John. Perhaps it’ll tell me who’s responsible for my fridge nearly thawing out back then. Fortunately we lived in Canton at the time and the power was back on a mere 13 hours or so later. Not everyone in Michigan was so lucky though.

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