Examining the problems with Pascal’s Wager.

Pascal’s Wager is something we’ve discussed many times over the years here on SEB. Usually because it’s still tossed out as a valid argument by believers who haven’t spent any real time considering the wager in any detail. It comes up so often that it can get a little tiring going over the flaws and why it’s an unconvincing argument.

So it’s good to see that a couple of fellow atheists going by the nom de plumes QualiaSoup & TheraminTrees have take the time to go over the argument in detail with a new video called Betting on Infinity:

As you can see it’s a piss-poor argument for believing in God(s). I’m posting this here mainly so I have an easy reference for the next believer who tries make use of Pascal’s bad bet.

Hat tip to Monica Monicks Salcedo for finding this.

6 thoughts on “Examining the problems with Pascal’s Wager.

  1. The choice is either oblivion or enlightenment. Nothing to worry about either way.

  2. There are a lot of atheists on YouTube, but QualiaSoup and TheraminTrees have been my personal favorites for years. When I read or hear atheist polemics, I often come away from them thinking that God probably doesn’t exist. When I watch a QualiaSoup video I lose the “probably.”

    As for Pascal’s Wager, it reminds me of how much marketing goes into promoting belief in religion. Being a religious apologist has all of the integrity of being a used car salesman; less, actually.

  3. Pascal’s wager always reminds me of this Homer Simpson quote:

    And what if we picked the wrong religion? Every week we’re just making God madder and madder.

  4. I think this was a great video and it certainly opened my mind to the countless number of opportunities that lay and how STUPID PASCAL’S WAGER ACTUALLY IS!

  5. @Shradha

    QualiaSoup? LOL, hardly worth a thought. Pascal’s Wager is meant more for the gambling Christian or doubter of his faith, not as an argument to tip the balance away from atheism or other religions. Its pretty much just the idea of Game Theory before its time. But I wouldn’t expect an atheist like you, and others, to even have a basic understanding of the great academic that was Pascal.

    Michael Tooley, Nicholas Everitt, etc..all of these are atheists that are far better at atleast making a decent attempt to defend atheism, unlike the atheists here or the clown Qualia.

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