The long delayed 8th SEB Podcast is now available!

A pic of a microphone.

Blah blah blah…

Yes! As promised, this past weekend saw ***Dave and I sitting down in front of our respective PCs and attempting to pontificate at length on various topics including many that you supplied us with. We talked politics touching on Mitt Romney’s apparent nomination, Paul Ryan’s general obnoxiousness, and David Barton’s twisting of history and how the Founding Fathers were not perfect beings who made no mistakes. We spoke of classical music and our short-lived time as musicians. We chattered on about how much the new movie The Avengers sucks. Endless erections caused by BMW motorcycles. The really bad sci-fi movie The Lawnmower Man. And we round out the conversation with discussing the movie trailers ***Dave saw before his viewing of The Avengers.

In all it’s an hour and 16 minutes of non-stop meandering where we manage to stay on topic… mostly. This is the original unedited recording. I had spent most of last night editing it up a bit, but on reviewing the work this evening I decided I didn’t like it. I wanted it to sound more like two guys having a conversation than a NPR-ish recording and so I decided to abandon the edits and I didn’t even bother trying to find music to put at the beginning. I’m not sure why, but this just felt better to me than all the usual edits and additions I have done in the past.

Plus, it was less work.

You can either listed to the podcast by using the player at the bottom of this entry or you can download it by clicking here so you can put it on your MP3 player of choice or copy it to a CD and then bury it in the backyard. As always, comments/criticisms/compliments/complaints can be left in the comments as you see fit. Once again ***Dave and I had a lot of fun doing this and we hope you’re at least as amused as we were.


3 thoughts on “The long delayed 8th SEB Podcast is now available!

  1. Triffic fun, as always. If we actually just lived close enough to get together (hopefully more often than every 6 months) and shoot the shit, I suspect it would be much like this.

    Those who like that sort of thing will find it the sort of thing they like (as Lincoln put it).

  2. The humor was shining through . I like how you two get tickled with each others comments! The distraction was in the streaming portion at the bottom of the page. It read Les Jenkins and Dave Hull. But I’ll be back for the next one!

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