Some people can’t be happy unless everyone observes a holiday the same way they do.

I was reading an article at NatGeo’s website titled Memorial Day: How It’s Changed, Why Some Oppose 3-Day Weekend which was partially about the history of the holiday, but also included a section on why some folks are pushing legislation to have the date moved back to the 30th of May.

It seems some folks, mostly Republicans, don’t feel people are observing the holiday with the level of solemnity they feel it deserves:

“The majority of Americans view Memorial Day as a time for relaxation and leisure recreation rather than as a solemn occasion and a time to reflect and pay tribute to the American servicemen and women who sacrificed their lives in defense of our Nation,” according to an American Legion resolution issued at the group’s 2010 National Convention.

Basically they’re upset that some folks aren’t spending the day the way that these people think it should be spent. How dare they take advantage of a three day weekend to have fun!

But they can fix that:

Instead of being part of a long weekend, the resolution asks that Congress “restore the official observance of Memorial Day to May 30 and that all American institutions toll their bells for one minute, beginning at 11:00, on that date in remembrance of those who died defending the Nation.”

Yes, I’m sure ruining a three-day weekend for everyone will suddenly make them more reverent about the sacrifices of service members.

Look, I appreciate the sacrifices that have been made by my fellow countrymen to secure the freedom we enjoy, but isn’t observing a holiday they way I feel like observing it part of that “freedom” thing they died for? For all their talk about Liberty and Freedom, the Republicans certainly seem keen to spell out how others should live their lives and if you’re not living it they way they think you should be then they’ll see if they can’t force you to do so.

I’m really sick of the false-patriotism of the flag-wavers in this country who think that they have a lock on what it means to be patriotic, but can’t be bothered to fulfill basic civil duties such as jury duty. You want to spend your Memorial Day visiting the graves of dead service members? Hey man, more power to you. I’ll raise a toast at the BBQ I’ll be attending instead.

Don’t think breaking a three day weekend will change that.

5 thoughts on “Some people can’t be happy unless everyone observes a holiday the same way they do.

  1. What bothers me is that we’re told that servicemembers “paid the price” for our freedom, but we’re accused of being ungrateful if we point out that we’re not getting all the freedom they paid for. When I see tribute being paid, I see a nation trying to soothe its guilty conscience over getting people killed for questionable reasons. I worry that it only makes it easier to send more people to get killed in the future.

  2. It would be better if we celebrated the sacrifices of Memorial Day by our Armed Forces members by choosing a member of the House randomly each year any troops are overseas in a combat role capacity for a comparable sacrifice so that we can be certain they’re all paying attention to the gravitas of the occasion.

  3. I only salute those that served the revolutionary war, war of 1812, Mexican–American war, civil war, WWI and WWII.
    Spanish–American War, Vietnam, Korea, everything in the middle east…they “sacrificed” for nothing. Stupidity and blind allegiance should not be rewarded.

    Just today I saw a douchebag in Harbor Fright demanding that he shouldn’t have to pay the 20% restocking fee because he was in the Army and went to Iraq and Afghanistan.

  4. It’s weird how republicans are the ones that are always complaining about big government but then champion ideas about how we ought to live our own private lives all the time.

  5. Well, the Republican Party is incoherent, but only if you take it at face value. It is true that a person cannot be pro-small government and socially conservative/pro-big military. But those contradictions are irrelevant; there is no real Republican ideology as such, only contradictory pretenses. It is a party that says what it needs to say to pander to voters, with its only true purpose being to benefit the wealthy. The mindless flag waving and superficial patriotism are an easy way to appeal to voters without providing them with substantive solutions. They don’t have solutions for 99% of Americans, that is not why the party exists. Romney is emblematic of that.

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