Need topics for the missing 8th SEB Podcast!

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Seeing as it’s been several weeks since the original call for topics for the 8th SEB Podcast it’d probably be a good idea to solicit new ones for it now that ***Dave and I have managed to settle on doing it this Sunday.

So I am once again turning to you, dear readers, for your suggestions/questions/topics that you’d like to hear two middle-aged white guys pontificate about at length. We’ll chatter on about nearly anything regardless of how qualified or (more likely) not we are to say anything cogent about it.

Opinions are like assholes and we have a lot of them… wait… that doesn’t sound quite right.

Anyway, you can either leave your suggestions in the comments on this thread or email them to me by clicking here. We’ll be recording the podcast this Sunday! For reals this time! Most likely.

5 thoughts on “Need topics for the missing 8th SEB Podcast!

  1. Did you or Dave happen to see Jon Stewart interview David Barton on The Daily Show? That would be an interesting, though possibly frustrating, topic for discussion. The extended interview, posted on Comedy Central’s website contains even more fodder. I found Barton’s assertion that “misquotes” of Thomas Jefferson were fueling animosity toward Christianity to be particularly precious. Just a thought. I’m looking forward to the podcast, whenever it gets recorded. 🙂

  2. I’ve seen part of it, but shut it off after a few moments out of frustration. Still, it’s something we could watch on the Net prior to the podcast and then discuss if we haven’t suffered aneurysms as a result.

  3. If you do discuss the Founders: It seems that the Right has taken their Biblical fundamentalism and applied it to the Founders. They take up these thinkers (who were by no means monolithic in thought) and act as though they were God inspired infallible prophets, and that we have to follow them to the letter lest we commit blasphemy or curse our nation. That is why they have to quote mine Jefferson; if they can convince people that he was a Christian theocrat then we would be forced to accept America as a Christian theocracy, because obviously no Founder could ever be wrong (downplaying his positions on race and slavery, as they tune out the Bible’s position on those subjects.)

    Sorry for the lack of a concise question here, but if you want to touch on any of that I would be interested in your take.

    Any thoughts on Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan? I can’t think of two active politicians who I despise more, but what are your views? Any thoughts on the presidential election so far?

    I’ve been listening to a lot of Mozart lately, are either of you interested in him/other classical musicians? Any good books you’ve read lately? Thanks guys.

  4. I’m living in Europe, so I’m very interested in the upcoming elections and generally politics as they are seen inside United States. Of course, I have access to American media, but it’s more interesting for me to listen to a person that has nothing to do with media and has different perspective.

    But maybe this topic is really tiring and everyone talked about it millions of times… In that case it’s totally unnecessary to bring it up.

    Actually I’d be glad to hear anything from you guys. I was listening to a couple of previous podcasts and I liked them all.

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