The Republicans in Michigan have decided that democracy is no longer necessary.

I love my state, but it’s legislative branch has taken a nose dive ever since the last election. With a Republican Governor and majorities in both state houses, they’ve been railroading their agenda like never before. Rachel Maddow had a pretty good segment about this just recently:

It’s difficult to write much of anything about this without devolving into rants, but I wanted to at least get Rachel’s segment out there to help raise awareness. It was a mistake on my part to vote for Rick Snyder in the last election, but I thought that we’d keep the state congress balanced. We didn’t and now we’re paying the price for it. This could all be headed to a major court case which could see a lot of laws thrown out for being passed illegally.

7 thoughts on “The Republicans in Michigan have decided that democracy is no longer necessary.

  1. That’s odd. I just tested it and, other than an a short ad at the beginning, it goes to the Rachel Maddow segment on Michigan. Give it another shot and let me know what happens.

  2. Site worked for me just now (Sun 1:30 PM). I was anxious to see what you said about Mich politics after I saw Rachel’s show the other night.



  3. Are you using firefox? I am using ad block add-on (and also a HOSTS file block list) and I almost never see ads of any kind..


    And MBAM takes care of the nasties.. Check it out!

  4. Would have thought that the results of votes would have to be recorded, not if they pass or not but the actual votes cast … guess that’s too practical a solution to be considered.

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