So whatever happened to the last SEB Podcast?

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You may recall that a few weeks ago I announced that ***Dave and I would be doing another SEB Podcast. You may also be wondering why it has never shown up on SEB. The answer is life. Life is why it hasn’t happened.

See, ***Dave found out he was going to be busy the weekend were originally planned to do it so we delayed it by a week. When then next planned date arrived I woke with one helluva migraine and forgot all about doing the podcast while I laid around and tried very hard to dull the pain. After that ***Dave was out of town for a couple of weekends and after that we both just kinda forgot about it. Plus ***Dave has been sick recently so I decided not to bug him about it.

We had every intention of doing it, but life got in the way. We’ll eventually get around to it at some point I’m sure, but I thought I should mention why it is AWOL. That and someone actually wrote me an email asking about it.

1 thought on “So whatever happened to the last SEB Podcast?

  1. Wow. I’m thrilled that someone wrote a letter asking about it. 🙂 (Almost as thrilled as discovering that SEB is currently unblocked here at the office.)

    Anyway, soon, soon. In fact, better be soon, because I have a travel schedule in May that will discourage dedicating weekend time to one of our long, pleasurable rambles.

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