Once again The Onion reveals a painful truth.

It’s easy to forget sometimes that it’s only satire:

Though the reality is that Obama is well aware we’re going to vote for him regardless of how much he dicks us around because the alternative is so much worse.

2 thoughts on “Once again The Onion reveals a painful truth.

  1. What concerns me most is the number of liberals I encounter that seem to presume that people will vote for Obama because the alternative is worse. I’m not sure the public believes the alternative is that much worse and I still have no confidence in white people’s acceptance of the president even among those that did vote for him. Many may switch to Romney just to go back to something historically familiar. 2012 could still very easily turn out like 2010 did and liberal cockiness will nearly ensure that it does.

  2. I agree all around. Democrats should feel disappointment, though within reason. I would have preferred a less conciliatory Obama, but he has always presented himself as a “uniter” and a moderate Democrat. I am talking about the real Obama here, not the “secret (fill in the blank)” that extremists on both sides have concocted.

    The left indeed have no alternatives. And sitting out the election or voting third party will not be the brave/right/far sighted thing to do. Liberals who think that way are idiots, and represent the weakness that conservatives have exploited for so long. When the Democrats lose they typically move right, further blurring the two parties. And the nation has had one too many Republican presidents; the damage done by over thirty years of conservative hegemony will not go away by handing them another victory.

    Certainly the last thing that I want to see is a Romney victory. As the economy gradually continues to improve I do not want to hear conservatives taking credit, when it has been their policies that have caused innumerable recessions. I also do not want to see any more conservative Supreme Court justices or a resurgence of neoconservatism, which could lead to war with Iran. Nor do I want to entertain the possibility of a Ryan budget or further tax cuts for people who possess more homes and cars than brain cells. Democrats who sincerely plan to sit out the next election are pathetic low lives, however small their numbers.

    And I agree with theocrat; no one (in either party, for that matter) should be over confident about who will win in November.

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