This seems all too familiar…

I’m an aging gamer and this fact is pointed out to me repeatedly by the younger kids playing Modern Warfare 3, or what have you, on a pretty regular basis. Usually they use it to try and get under my skin because I’m in the process of kicking their ass up one side of the map and down the other and it’s a little rough on their ego. That said, there are plenty of kids out there who have way more free time to devoting to the game than I do and when I come across those guys I end up being the one getting his ass handed to him.

It’s really embarrasing when the kid in question seems a little too young:

I can’t be sure, but I think I’ve played a game or two with RosieABC.

4 thoughts on “This seems all too familiar…

  1. My little brother is a crack shot in MW3, but he gets burned out on the games quickly. I think he’s been playing a lot of TF2 in the last few months.

    My advantage, as big brother, was always in strategy, but that advantage is waning away. The kid’s talented; I gotta hand him that.

  2. So, yesterday, following the sound of rapid clicking and clacking, I walked in to see my 7 year old daughter, expertly pawning some unsuspecting n00bs.. Her right hand crossed under her left arm, operating a mouse, left hand clicking and clacking keys like a pro, without taking her eyes off the screen, wreaking havoc and pwnage acroos the land, all while calling out her successes to her older brother..

    I was stunned by her dexterity and expertise.. And.. It was a proud moment as a parent.. She is.. (snif) ….a gamer!!

    I was so proud!

    OK sure it was just roblox, but man, she OWNS!


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