SEB should be a little easier to read on mobile devices now.

If you’ve tried to access SEB on your smartphone you may have noticed that it’s not exactly easy to see much of anything. So to make things a bit more legible I have installed WPTouch which reformats the output when it detects you’re using a smartphone or other mobile device.  I had the plugin installed previously, but somewhere along the way I took it out for reasons I don’t recall. Now it’s back so you can once again read SEB without going blind.

I didn’t have a smartphone to test it with last time I had it installed, but I do now and the difference is quite dramatic. Alas it does drop the template we use, but you don’t come here for how pretty the site is. You come here to see me say things out loud that most folks would be too polite to dream of saying. Not only is the site readable, but it even improves the ability to leave comments on an entry if you are an avid thumb typist. No idea if it changes things on tablets, which are arguably better suited to display the site the way it actually looks, so if you have a tablet and visit SEB let us know in the comments.


4 thoughts on “SEB should be a little easier to read on mobile devices now.

  1. Aw, how sweet, you saw I recently made two comments from my iPhone so you decided to help my user experience better! Thank you!

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