Not to contribute to the stereotype of the “dumb blonde”, but…

Here’s a nice young woman trying very hard to figure out the answer to a very difficult math question: If you are driving 80 miles per hour how long does it take to travel 80 miles?

I’m sorry, but I had to share the pain. Throughout the video I had to wonder what it is she is very good at that allowed her husband to overlook this rather stunning lack of comprehension on her part. Perhaps she’s merely confused on this one topic and is actually surprisingly insightful when discussing, say, the finer points of football? Admittedly, my knee-jerk reaction was that this had to be a Poe, but the more I watched it the more convinced I became that is wasn’t.

However I am completely convinced that this response video from LoReeves…

…is definitely, 100% absolutely, without a doubt, a Poe. It simply has to be. My brain cannot accept that it isn’t without imploding on itself. Please, please, PLEASE, let this one be a Poe.

8 thoughts on “Not to contribute to the stereotype of the “dumb blonde”, but…

  1. She must be really, really, really, really good in bed.
    That, or a good cook.

  2. One question: who’s dumber….the person who can’t answer a math question or the person who thinks it’s ok to shoot a video while driving? [especially if he really is driving 80 mph].

  3. The fact that they’re driving TO Boise shows that both of them might be mentally deficient. I spent half my life there and haven’t missed it a minute since I left.

  4. I’m from Utah (not Logan, however). This video is very indicative of how broken the nursery school system is there, particularly in regard to science and math.

    This video isn’t funny to me. It’s a painful reminder of what it was like to grow up there.

    I’m shaking with rage as I answer the security question.

  5. I CANNOT believe that either of those are anything but a Poe. Seriously, the delivery in both videos is too unnatural to be anything but bad acting or horrible horrible reality and my faith in humanity can’t sustain a blow of that magnitude.

  6. Just as well he never mentioned “as the crow flies” that would really have put the cat amongst the pigeons (flying disease merchants).

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