It’s time for yet another Stupid Evil Podcast.

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It’s been a few of months since the last time ***Dave and I got together and rambled on semi-coherently and so that itch is looking to be scratched once again. And, as always, we’re asking you to provide us with any topics you’d like to hear us pontificate on.

Got a burning question on religion, politics, life, the universe, and/or everything you would love to hear us talk about? Leave a comment here or drop me an email with what it is. It can be almost anything as there are few things we’re not ready to chat about even if we’re completely unqualified to offer any opinions on it. That makes us just as fine of pundits as any of the talking heads on FOX News.

So loosen up those typing muscles and start tapping out your suggestions/questions and we’ll work on staying off tangents (yeah, right) and then ***Dave and I will sit down and record it all for posterity (you’re welcome future generations to come) this Sunday.

2 thoughts on “It’s time for yet another Stupid Evil Podcast.

  1. What bothers you more, Rush Limbaugh, a paid (vile) clown, or Rush Limbaugh’s audience, who take him seriously and defend his bile?

    Doesn’t it show the shallow nature of our culture that Rush didn’t get into trouble with his advertisers until he used some vulgar words like “slut”? I think George Carlin would have found that ironic; Rush can convey bigotry, so long as he doesn’t use “bad words.” He can call Feminists Nazis, so long as he doesn’t use the S word.

    Sam Harris has a new book out on free will, perhaps you can discuss that topic. Any thoughts on Harris himself as a new atheist? Any interesting books that you’re reading that you would recommend?

    Some Santorum bashing would be fun, particularly in regards to his opposition to secularism.

    Thanks guys.

  2. I’m definitely bothered more by his audience than by him. Maybe you could discuss the overlap in audiences. Is there more overlap in the audiences of, say, Limbaugh and Santorum than of Maher and Pelosi? I’m guessing the answer is…

    Also the West Cranston High School prayer banner has been taken down and spirited away to an undisclosed location “so no one will do anything to it or try to harm it.” Wut?

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