For my mother: The “Dark Shadows” trailer.

From what I understand, Dark Shadows was a TV soap opera from the 1960s about a vampire and zombies and ghosts that did stuff of a soap opera-y sort. I have no idea having never watched the show myself, but my mother has said on more than one occasion that she loved it. It was pretty popular for being such an odd beast compared to other soap operas of the time and having some rather lower production values that, near the end of the series, made it somewhat campy.

Still, it’s a soap opera and I, as a rule, don’t watch soap operas so I wasn’t all that interested when I heard that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp were teaming up to make a feature film about the show.

That is, until I saw the trailer:

That does look like it’ll be amusing especially with Depp in the lead role. A part which he has apparently wanted to take on for years having been a fan of the original series himself. Hopefully it’ll live up to my mother’s expectations as well.

4 thoughts on “For my mother: The “Dark Shadows” trailer.

  1. It is a gotta see in my book. I loved the campy show back then and Depp and the humor in this really promises to be good!

  2. I loved Dark Shadows as a kid. I used to race home from school to watch it at 4pm. Quentin the werewolf was the bomb. Depp is much hotter than Jonathan Frid(?) who was the original Barnabas.

  3. I watched that 40 years ago, not as embarrassing a memory as paying to see Ted Nugent 😉 .

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