Trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man” hits the net.

I was skeptical of the first movie under Sam Rami due to the changes they were making, but it turned out to be pretty damn good and even relatively faithful despite the changes they made. I’m also skeptical of this new movie, but if the trailer is anything to go by then it may also be pretty damn good and faithful to the source material. Which is really quite the feat when you think about it.

Check it:

2 thoughts on “Trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man” hits the net.

  1. This new trailer has me more excited than I’ve ever been to see the movie (which is to say excited at all) but I still can’t get past that damn costume. It looks all kinds of terrible and there was absolutely no reason to change it up like that. It’s like they said “Let’s make Spider-Man’s costume XTREME.”

  2. I, too, dislike arbitrary costume changes and hate this one. I assume it was to distinguish their Spider-Man from Raimi’s and perhaps to improve licensing revenue somehow.

    I also don’t care for the casting. This guy doesn’t look like Peter Parker to me, and Doc Connors just seems all wrong.

    I think I’ll wait for Netflix to get this one.

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