The Creationists are still trying to get their nonsense into science classes

Six states have bills similar to the Indiana one in the process of winding their way through the legislative process. It's a sad statement that in the 21st century we still have people trying to take our science classes back to the 18th century. And we wonder why so many of our fellow Americans are idiots. #seb #Creationism #Science #Politics #Religion

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Indiana Senate passes bill putting religion in science class
Yesterday, after almost no debate, the Indiana State Senate approved a bill that would allow its schools to teach the origin stories of various religions when a class touches on the origin of life. It now moves on to the state's House, where one of its cosponsors is currently the Speaker of the House.

Although the bill as written could be used to create a comparative religion class, its sponsor, Senator Dennis Kruse, has made it clear that he hopes to see it foster the teaching of creationis…

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4 thoughts on “The Creationists are still trying to get their nonsense into science classes

  1. Why shouldn’t they teach them? After all, evolution is just a “theory” and it doesn’t attempt to explain how life began.

  2. Yes, we are very much not happy about this. As my friend Tom said, Indiana has chosen to subsidize the salaries of ACLU attorneys. What’s a real shame is that some school district will get sued to hell over this and, while they’ll deserve it for trying to teach creationism, the legal bill they’ll rack up will only hurt their kids. Meanwhile, the asshats who introduced and supported this bill in the face of decades of very clear precedent will receive no comeuppance whatsoever.

  3. Well, look at the bright side Les, the dumber the rest of the country gets the smarter we look.

    Hitchens had a good suggestion, though: if creationism is going to be forced into science classrooms then churchgoers should be forced to learn about Darwin on Sundays. Sounds fair to me.

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