Just a friendly reminder from your pals at SEB…

9 thoughts on “Just a friendly reminder from your pals at SEB…

  1. All right there, Mr. Cynical Skeptic Guy! I can see from this just how little you know about SCIENCE and the amazing new discoveries and techniques in Wish Technology. ™

    It’s simple…when I wish upon a star, I make sure that I am wishing on Alpha Centauri, which is only about 4 light years away, or one of the other very close stars. Wishes travel at the speed of light, of course (YES OF COURSE! WIPE THAT SMUG LOOK OFF YOUR FACE!), so my granted wish is usually returned to me within 8-9 years, by which time I have either achieved the granting of my wish myself, changed my mind about the wish, or forgotten it entirely, giving me an undeniable 100% rate of success. Therefore, I can honestly say that my revolutionary, scientifically sound and logically proven program of Personal Inspiration and Gratification through Free Astronomical Request Technology ™ will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!!

    The technique costs ABOSULTELY NOTHING to use, and I’LL SHOW YOU HOW TO DO IT! Order my book today at the very low, low price of $99.95. (You will also receive the first two audio discs in my 75-part self-improvement series, “Wish Your Way Through Life”, a wish-time reservation book and wish diary, and a sky map of the closest stars, free of charge!) Start your new life in as little as 8 years!

    When you start to see the amazing results, your next wish will be that you had found it sooner! Act now- each star can only accept P.I.G.F.A.R.T reservations from a limited number of wishers…the longer you wait to join, the further your wish will have to travel! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to wish your boring old life away!

  2. Ahhh, Moloch got there before me!

    Haa, I was obviously a couple of kilometers too late!

  3. Funny, but not true.

    The stars you can see with the naked eye are all closer than 17000 light-years. The chance that any of them is that close to its end is remote.

  4. @David,
    Betelgeuse (only 640 LY away) is expected to explode as a type II supernova, possibly within the next million years.

    At that short distance a type II supernova might even affect us????

  5. I see conflicting views on supernovas as a threat. One site has NASA saying 50 light years would be a safe distance. Several others say that T Pyxidis, at over 3,000 light years, would destroy the ozone layer if it went supernova. So I don’t know about Betelgeuse.

    In a million years we should be able to shield the Earth from UV while the ozone layer regenerates. Unless we turn our backs on science.

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