In memory of friends who have passed.

In memory of William Vesper Owen IV. 6/15/67 to 2/17/03

It’s been nine years since the day my best friend died. The pain has faded in that time, but isn’t gone completely. The past several years I’ve even managed to forget the anniversary. My last post like this was in 2009. I’m not sure what jogged my memory today, perhaps it was a trailer for a movie I would’ve seen with Bill, or perhaps a video game we probably would’ve played together. Hard to say what it was, but I thought I should post something marking the occasion seeing as I’ve not done so in awhile. I won’t go into long reminiscences about Bill as I’ve said all that can be said about that in the past. I just wanted to say that I miss him greatly.

Give your best friend a hug if you haven’t in awhile. You never know when they’ll be gone.

2 thoughts on “In memory of friends who have passed.

  1. I’m sorry Les. I know how hard it is. My best friend was murdered in Amarillo Texas three years ago. The man who did it was never charged. Life can be so painful. Unfair.

    We all suffer together.

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