I’ll be turning off the importing of Google+ posts.

It seems the inclusion of items I’ve shared through Google+ is confusing the hell out of a few people and I’ve had multiple complaints saying that folks don’t want to sign up for Google+ in order to read my posts. Ignoring the fact that there’s no need to sign up with Google+ to read anything I post publicly there or here, the extra but shortened content seems to be more problematic than useful for a lot of folks.

So I’ll shut off the importation plugin and go back to my usual much longer, but less frequent postings. The plugin(s) I was using for this process were a bit wonky anyway so it’ll be much less of a hassle for me. Perhaps this’ll motivate me to put more effort into posting by hand more often. Or at least I won’t have to keep repeating the same explanation to people.

5 thoughts on “I’ll be turning off the importing of Google+ posts.

  1. That stinks, I was rather enjoying some of the articles you were finding but I guess if it’s confusing people it’s for the best.

  2. I kinda don’t understand what the issue is, personally I enjoyed reading some of the articles you shared here.
    In any case, could you, please, leave a link to your Google plus? I think you posted it before, but it would be a nice reminder.

  3. Maybe I’m just not as cynical as Moloch there, but I don’t see how anybody could have too much of a problem with the layout or the links…assuming that they occasionally visit, you know, other websites. I know pretty much nothing about the internet, computers, or website design, and it took me about 10 seconds to figure out the layout and how to work it. If google paranoia has people so wary they won’t even click a link to see a story because they fear they might be confronted with some sort of log-in page ( I guess closing a window or using the “back” button is just too scary for some) then I don’t know what to say.

    If it’s a pain in your ass, Les, then good riddance. I was enjoying some of the content, but it’s your commentary and the regular commenters that make SEB what it is. Rock on.

  4. @ iostream: You asked for this the other day and I never got around to responding (I’ve been sick with a cold). You can find my Google+ profile here. Contrary to popular misconception, you don’t need to have a Google+ account to see 99% of what I post there. Though having one does allow you to circle me and have them show up in your account’s stream if you wish.

    @ Neil: Did Moloch say something? I have a bad habit of filtering him out.

    The one thing I think would help make it a little more clear cut would be if the excerpts were placed into Blockquotes, but the plugin doesn’t have that option at the moment. I think I’ve mentioned it to the author, but don’t recall. Right now, though, it ends up making duplicate entries way too often for me to be happy with. I may revisit it in the future when it’s got a few more iterations under its skin, but for now I’ll leave it off.

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