How this for irony: PETA kills a majority of the pets they take in.

PETA has always bugged the shit out of me and now I have one more reason to be annoyed. For all the talk of protecting animals that they do it turns out that the vast majority of animals they take into custody end up being euthanized:

“The facility does not contain sufficient animal enclosures to routinely house the number of animals annually reported as taken into custody,” Kovich concluded in his report.

Kovich also determined that PETA employees kill 84 percent of the animals in their custody within 24 hours of receiving them.

“[PETA’s] primary purpose,” Kovich wrote, “is not to find permanent adoptive homes for animals.”

Surely this has to be some sort of mistake, right? Surely an organization so devoted to the well being of animals would never consider killing most of the ones they are taking in, right? Surely they have a good explanation:

PETA media liaison Jane Dollinger told The Daily Caller in an email that “most of the animals we take in are society’s rejects; aggressive, on death’s door, or somehow unadoptable.”

Dollinger did not dispute her organization’s sky-high euthanasia rate, but insisted PETA only kills dogs and cats because of “injury, illness, age, aggression, or because no good homes exist for them.”

Well that last reason seems a little odd, but perhaps it’s true that the vast majority of them are unadoptable for some reason or another.

PETA’s own history, however, shows that this has not always been the case.

In 2005, two PETA employees described as “adorable” and “perfect” some of the dogs and cats they killed in the back of a PETA-owned van. The two were arrested after police witnessed them tossing the animals’ dead bodies into a North Carolina dumpster.

PETA had no comment when the Daily Caller asked what sort of effort it routinely makes to find adoptive homes for animals in its care.

Or perhaps they’re just full of shit. One suspects that they devote the vast majority of the funds they raise on advertising and harassment initiatives as opposed to, say, proper facilities and outreach for the animals they take in. The Humane Society routinely euthanize animals as well, but they at least make an attempt to determine if an animal is adoptable and find them a home if they are prior to killing them if at all possible. Somehow it’s not at all surprising to me that PETA is as hypocritical as it is obnoxious.

4 thoughts on “How this for irony: PETA kills a majority of the pets they take in.

  1. Penn & Teller talked about this probably six or seven years ago on their “Bullshit” episode on PETA. I suppose it is only getting more attention now.

    I have never been a big fan of this type of animal rights activism. I view PETA and the anti-abortion movement as two sides of the same extremist coin. Human beings who have developed the brain architecture which allows them to think and reason deserve legal protection, not stem cells and not chickens. If you want to put limits on late term abortions, or on how you can treat certain animals like apes and perhaps other mammals like dogs and cats, fine. Certainly no sane person wants unnecessary cruelty towards animals. But trying to create a faux civil rights movement to treat the zygote and the cow as equals to me and you is impractical dystopian nonsense.

  2. If you love animals, support the ASPCA, Humane Society, Best Friends, and really just about any OTHER animal-focused organization, but do NOT support PETA!

    I call Bullshit!!!! PETA is worse than you think!!!!

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