Here’s a perfect example…

… of the problem with stupid people being too stupid to realize how stupid they are that I talked about in my previous entry. Meet the girl who doesn’t understand why we have Leap Years: H0tAndDanger0us (that’s about half right).

Holy crap that’s some Grade-A stupid right there. It’s also inexcusable in this day and age when she obviously has the tools of her salvation from ignorance sitting right in front of her. A simple Google search would turn up all manner of explanations to enlighten her with and if reading comprehension is a hurdle she finds insurmountable then there are several YouTube videos which will make it all clear.

Here’s one that I watched myself just yesterday:

And, in case she’s too stupid to know what a year is, here’s a video that explains that (with bonus black hole goodness!):

Seriously, there’s no good excuse for the ignorance — not to mention the sense of self-entitlement — of H0tAndDanger0us. For a moment I considered the possibility that she could be a particularly effective Poe, but then I took a look at her Tumblr page and the possibility that it could just be a clever act evaporated.

9 thoughts on “Here’s a perfect example…

  1. I’m still inclined to believe she’s a poe (freaking on a five year old? huh.)

    That said, everything about this girl screams angry jersey girl… And I laugh hard.

    Bitchin’ Kitchen is funnier, though.

  2. No wait, she’s onto something here. Why not just let everyone add one extra day of their choice once every four years? And while we’re at it, how about if we add two extra days of our choice so we get to delete one day of our choice? Because I can think of a day or two from the last four years I’d like to just delete. Or at least have gotten to the really good drugs quicker.

  3. Are you sure this is not a joke or some huge trolling? From what I understand her blog exists like for a week and it already has some sort of popularity, so maybe it’s just for that?

    I mean, this is just way too retarded to be true…

  4. I couldn’t get past the first 10 seconds of that clip without wanting to shove ice picks in my ears.

    If she’s not a poe, let’s hope she doesn’t breed.

  5. Not only is Laci Green exponentially more intelligent than this bimbette, she’s got a nicer figure, too.

  6. @ iostream:

    Nothing would make me happier than to find out it’s a troll and not real. I really hope I was taken by it because I’d really hate to think that she might someday be responsible for another generation of stupidity.

  7. C’mon! You know leap years are stupid!

    At least at this point, with the end of the world coming in may anyway………..

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