10-year-old comes up with a novel new chemical

That’s pretty cool in its own right, but the best part is that it sounds like it may have sparked an interest in science for the young girl. #seb #science #discoveries

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5th Grader Accidentally Makes Explosive in Class, Gets Co-Authorship on Subsequent Paper
Kenneth Boehr wasn’t expecting more than the usual from his ten-year-old students when he started a lesson on the Periodic table and handed out the molecule modeling kits. Then Clara Lazen handed him a model constructed from oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon atoms, and asked if she’d made a real chemical or not. Boehr found himself stumped. So he took a cellphone picture of the whole deal, and sent it to an old college buddy: Robert Zoellner , professor of chemistry at Humbolt State University.

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1 thought on “10-year-old comes up with a novel new chemical

  1. “Imagine all the people . . .”

    I am reminded of the story about the little girl who was flying around in her room, until her mother came in and cried, “You can’t do that!” So, she fell down. Remember, also, that Nick Nolte movie, “Teachers?” Of course, the problem now is that the school’s Zero Tolerance will probable mean she will be suspended for creating a chemical model of a molecule that COULD explode. Sad.


    But, what a story for “Show and Tell!”



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