You don’t belong there eyebrow hair!

What is it about getting older that causes your body to do stupid things like forget where your eyebrows are supposed to grow? I had this one eyebrow hair that was growing out of the right side of my right eyelid far from where all its siblings were hanging out. Like it had gotten into an argument and run away from home. The perfect spot to get into my eye with the slightest gust of wind.

I just plucked it out and it was way more painful than I expected it to be. Like my eyelid resents me pulling out the single solitary hair it had managed to cultivate that wasn’t an eyelash. It doesn’t belong there and you’d think my body, with over 40 years of putting eyelashes and eyebrow hairs where they do belong, would know that it doesn’t belong there. Yet it seems to have forgotten proper eyebrow hair placement. Like it got tired and figured any old spot would do. Next thing you know I’ll have eyebrow hairs sprouting from my knees and that’ll be socially awkward.

No, we must nip this laziness in the bud before it spreads to other body parts and I end up with something really weird like a second nose sprouting from my forehead.

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