What the fuck, PayPal?

Does this make any sense to anyone who isn’t A) a PayPal employee or B) brain damaged? I think the seller has decent grounds for a lawsuit.

PayPal: if you don’t like the violin you bought, smash it and we’ll give you your money back

Just when you thought PayPal couldn’t get any stupider, well, they get stupider. Erica sold an antique violin to someone who paid $2500 for it over PayPal. The buyer disputed the authenticity of the violin — which had been authenticated by a top luthier — and PayPal instructed him that he could have his money back if he destroyed the violin. He did, and sent the photo of the destroyed, one-of-a-kind, precious instrument to the seller and PayPal. PayPal took the $2500 back from Erica, gave i…

11 thoughts on “What the fuck, PayPal?

  1. Thats exactly why I don’t use them anymore.

    I sold a $400 CPU card on eBay. I offered shipping insurance during checkout and specifically told the buyer he should get it due to the fragile nature of the item. He declined. Surprise surprise, the box was mishandled by the USPS and a capacitor was broken off the card. I told him he was SOL for not getting insurance, the seller filed a claim, PayPal sole my money, gave it back to him and I never even got my card back.

  2. I thought I was being paranoid in not wanting to link a bank account to my Paypal account, but I guess that fear was well-founded.

  3. Yeah, my snap judgment on the pieces of the violin is that whether or not the label is authentic, it was a pretty nice instrument and probably worth at least $2500.  Pretty stupid affair.


  4. This sort of stupidity, and the relative inability to really -do- anything about it, is exactly why I closed my PayPal account 8 months ago. Wikileaks was enough for me.

  5. HAHAHA after reading this I figured out a way to scam paypal for all the money they have stolen from me hahahahahah idiots!!!!!!!! have fun being sued by wallmart i bet there lawyers make more then the ceo of paypal!!

  6. Sellers are fucked if they use paypal. Sorry.

    Buyers however..in the rare event you are being scammed and not the scammer yourself in such using such a shit service

    1. Always use your credit card. Over rides their policies 100% of the time.

    Notice how they refuse to let your use a CC for payments by default and want to take it from bank instead? They say things like be debt free and use bank or banks won’t charge fees/…click here for cc….you sure….really sure? (fuck!) Not only saves them fee’s but balance or bank and your fuckered so always be at $0 and charge it.

    Paypal being the lousy fucks they are charge the sellers a chargeback fee and the balance…when its against them and their (only) risk of business.

    Not to mention their blocking of alcohol,tobacco, questionable content like donate money to black people fucked by raging red nature…you know the dirty stuff.

    Fuck paypal. With a diseased dick. I hope and pray vista and mastercard eat their motherfucking spot where a soul should be.

    As for ebay well they are already pretty much lost in the rainforest drowning in the amazon. Amazon has anything with a upc pretty much dominated and the moment Amazon gets into that porcelain trinket from the 60’s with rusted coke sign kind of crap ebay will be traded in the pinkies. Where they belong.

  7. So in 2009 I was studying abroad in Australia, I opened a PayPal account to purchase some eBay stuffs. Everything went well. For convenience I put in some money into my Paypal account from my bank. And then I moved back to my home country and the horror starts.

    The first time I tried to pay for my purchases, my account was restricted and I wasn’t able to even log on to my account. I emailed them, and their AUTOMATED reply was something like “To resolve your problem, please log on to your account and go to resolution center…” WTH?? I can’t even log on!!

    So I emailed, and emailed, and getting angrier each time because their response is so bad, and it is clear there is no customer service here. Then I stumbled upon websites and websites condemning Paypal, and right there I knew they are thieves. So now I have no idea of how can I recover A$300 I have left in that account.

    I have absolute belief that they really mean to hold my money to no end. Otherwise why would such a big company have no moving country protocol?? And an Internet-Based too!!

  8. paypal has not coughed up my earnings for two months now. I think too witb shitbay’s sudden Seller pays Return Ship fees both sheisters are at a stop point for the smart people. Most sellers can’t get to A mai! House where fees to ship are actua!!y much higher. Shitpal won’t Even let you buy labels, as ERROR! And they wont anal release shipment funds so how the heck can you even selll anything? Wanna try tbe automated system? Oy vay! Then when you DO get a far Easterner whining the usual excuses, all your sense in the world and PayPal’s evasion, lies are abysmally horrific. Good luck!!!!!

  9. After a few years Paypal finally stuck it to me holding $208 and locking me out of my account for unspecified risk factors. Only think unusual was a refund from my Mexican Costco. And not being on my desktop computer for two months? Who knows. And the kicker, besides unspecified “risk factors” the agent could not tell me for how long I was to be locked out of my account!

    Yeah, I usually never have more than 100 bucks in the account and I swear I had a sneaking suspicion that now was going to be the time that Paypal finally stuck it too me.

    I have used Paypal as a buffer, preferring not to give CC info for small purchases from Ebay for example. Well, I think I will be closing account as soon as I can get into it. This appears to be like a check kiting scheme. Nice. I used to send money via Paypal and it took forever. Then I switched to Xoom. Great service, gets to Mexico in a few hours. BUT 0H CRAP PAYPAY HAS BOUGHT XOOM!!!

  10. Paypal is a fucked service brain dead assholes an automated answer service is fucked as well ………..someone should do something about this fucking company !

  11. Paypals website is intentionally fucked up so that when they steal your money, you can’t get into complain !!! In my entire life, I’ve never,ever seen such a pathetic, non-working (purposely), screw-you-around site.

    Paypal is owned and operated by organized crime in my opinion ……..

    If you use them, it’s not a question of whether they’ll steal your money, but WHEN !!

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