This whole story shows that the TSA is at least partially run by idiots

But then we've known all along that the TSA reserves the right for its agents to make arbitrary decisions on a whim when they feel like it so I suppose it shouldn't be a big surprise.

Don't question the decision making process, citizen! This is for your own protection! If we decide something is bad you should just accept that we know what we're doing and hand it over! You do want to fly today, don't you?? What is it you're trying to hide in those nail clippers anyway?? #seb #security #TSA #stupidity

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The TSA Cupcake Lady Speaks: I'm Truly Sick Of Talking About Cupcakes
While the "TSA Cupcake Lady" is sick of talking about cupcakes, she's also determined that the dessert in question not be woefully misrepresented by descriptions of it being "packed in icing." To that end, she was kind of enough to write in and explain her side of the story, in response to the TSA's recent blog reaction to the cake kerfuffle.

For those unfamiliar with the bakery brouhaha, here's a quick recap: Rebecca carried two cupcakes on jars with her on her way to Las Vegas, she tried b…

2 thoughts on “This whole story shows that the TSA is at least partially run by idiots

  1. sadly, they cannot afford to hire employees who are empowered to think for themselves. as a result, there have to be clear-cut, lock-stock-and-barrel answers for these employees to follow. it's a sad reality. it's bad enough taxpayers foot the bill for this kind of shit, but the only real way to fix it, and keep some measure of "security" up (which i realize is a questionable proposition), is to put more money into it so that critical thinkers can, and would, be hired.

  2. To play Devil's TSA's Advocate for a moment, it would be an unenviable task to figure out the correct, least-unsafe balance of rigid standards for inspection processes (which lends itself to ridiculous real-world exceptions to those standards) and agent flexibility (which lends itself to ridiculous and whimsical behavior on the part of agents) — especially when you want to have a system that's predictable for travelers but not for hypothetical miscreants.

    That said, it's a task they seem to be doing poorly. Hiring more "critical thinkers" would probably help, but the intersection of endless and rapid transactions, real world chaos, potential disaster, vested authority is going to lead to problems no matter how wise and saintly the agents turn out to be.

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