The protests against SOPA appear to be working… somewhat

It's good that the MPAA and a couple of Senators are backtracking on the DNS filtering aspect of the bill, but it sounds like it's just an attempt to make the rest of the crappy legislation more palatable and then they'll come back later and try to get the DNS filtering passed separately. The whole stinking mess needs to be scrapped. #seb #politics #laws #SOPA #MPAA

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Reeling MPAA declares DNS filtering "off the table"
Reeling from a broad Internet backlash, the Motion Picture Associaton of America has conceded that DNS filtering will not be included in the anti-piracy bills now making their way through Congress.

"DNS filtering is really off the table," said Paul Brigner, the MPAA's tech policy chief, on Tuesday. His remarks came during a debate on SOPA at the State of the Net conference in Washington DC. The event was sponsored by the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee.

"The future of our i…

6 thoughts on “The protests against SOPA appear to be working… somewhat

  1. It doesn’t matter. All these childish “protests” and “blackouts” hurt the people far more than the bill ever would.

  2. At least Google is smart enough NOT to do a “blackout”. They understand that stopping service hurts the public more than a few congressmen.

  3. Someone’s favorite porn site must be participating. Don’t worry Moloch. I’m sure BigBlackBDSMDominates com will be back online before you know it.

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