The MPAA: Clueless and built to stay that way

It’s clear that the present leadership in the MPAA is part of the problem. They don’t understand the Internet, they didn’t take the time to understand it, they just rushed out and started trying to legislate it. Not to mention they didn’t even try to develop for it until file sharing was already deeply entrenched. It’s going to take a new generation of Internet savvy people moving up into the leadership roles before it’ll get any better. #seb #MPAA #Internet #piracy

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MPAA’s number two admits industry “not comfortable” with the Internet
A great Mike Masnick Techdirt editorial deals with MPAA second-in-command Michael O’Leary’s statement that, “[the Internet is] a platform we’re not at this point comfortable with.”

The MPAA’s O’Leary concedes that the industry was out-manned and outgunned in cyberspace. He says the MPAA “is [undergoing] a process of education, a process of getting a much, much greater presence in the online environment. This was a fight on a platform we’re not at this point comfortable with, and we were goi…

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