Stuff like this will make you despair for our future

If I were the optimistic sort I'd say that at least they're going to Wikipedia and educating themselves, but these idiots clearly aren't taking in what they're reading. What they're doing is skimming enough to see if it fits their needs and then copy and pasting it into whatever homework assignment they've been given. They don't use Wikipedia to educate themselves, they use it as a shortcut on assignments. #seb #stupidity #Wikipedia #morons

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5 thoughts on “Stuff like this will make you despair for our future

  1. Yea, idiots. I remember the good ole days when you had to go to the liberry and actually look something in these little things called BOOKS.

  2. Ugh. I wore out my fingers flaming people for this yesterday.

    What’s even worse, is that all you had to do was disable PageStyle in Firefox and it was actually still there the whole time.

    Or temporarily disable JScript in IXplorer.

    I used wikipedia all day, and elsewhere on various forums I must have explained it to 100 people. And of course, another 500 people needed to have DNS explained, and SOPA/PIPA.


  3. I’d really like to call these folks trolls, because the thought of this much actual stupidity in the world (“If Wikipedia gets shut down.. It’s all Obama’s fault and that’s gay as hell.”) is almost too much to bear.

  4. Those idiots couldn’t figure out how to bypass the “blackout”. All you had to do is press your browser’s STOP button before the page redirected to the black page.

  5. Yep. Some people seem to think that they’re entitled to have anything they want, for free, and if they don’t get it, that must mean they’re being screwed.

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