Senators pushing PIPA are pirates? That's unPOSSIBLE!

Actually, it demonstrates that the Senators in question aren't even familiar with the issue they're trying to legislate. How can you possibly craft and support good legislation on an issue you don't have a good understanding of? I doubt any of these Senators was aware he or she had violated copyright in the use of the pictures on their sites, but according to the law they could be fined up to $250,000 for the infringement (let alone jail time). Perhaps it's time the folks in Washington actually took the time to educate themselves about copyright and piracy before they try pass anymore laws aimed at curbing piracy.

Naahhh, it's not like Big Media would go after any of them even if they were knowingly pirating stuff. Hell, they probably get most of it for free from Big Media as it is anyway so they're only really pirating from the small-timers and independents who couldn't afford to sue them if they wanted to. #seb #copyright #sopa #piracy #laws #politics

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Senators behind PIPA are a bunch of copyright infringers
Vice's Jamie Lee Curtis Taete continues to investigate the copyright shenanigans that SOPA and PIPA's authors get up to (see the saga of how SOPA author Lamar Smith (R-TX) ripped off the photo on the front page of his website).

Now Taete is digging into PIPA supporters, having a quick look at their Twitter profile photos and websites, and yup, the Senators backing PIPA are a bunch of depraved pirates.

This is a screencap of PIPA co-sponsor Roy Blunt's Twitter page from a couple of days ago….

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1 thought on “Senators pushing PIPA are pirates? That's unPOSSIBLE!

  1. That is because they really have no clue what pirating and copyright infringement is. They are just listing to that $94mil and following like dumb dogs whatever MPAA and RIAA says.

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