Razer's new gaming tablet looks… interesting

I have a Razer mouse and I love it, but I have to wonder if this'll catch on with gamers. The addition of the handlebar controllers is great for making gaming more responsive, but it definitely makes the tablet a lot more bulky at awkward. Or at least it looks like it would. I'd imagine a lot would depend on the price. If it's affordable then it might overcome initial impressions. #seb #Gaming #Razer #Tablets

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Razer's Project Fiona hands-on (video)
Breaking ground in the nearly nonexistent market of hardcore gaming tablet with renders is interesting, but there's nothing quite grasping something tangible. Razer's project Fiona, for example, is something to grasp — sporting twin joystick handles on either side, it begs to be held. We couldn't help but oblige, and dropped by Razer's CES booth for a few minutes with the bold Windows 8 slab. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan gave us the skinny — read on get it yourself.
Gallery: Razer's Project Fion…

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