One should be careful when playing with fire

… lest one get burned. #seb #computing #security #hackers

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Top German cop uses spyware on daughter, gets hacked in retaliation
Trojans—they're not just for hackers anymore. German police, for instance, love them; a scandal erupted in Parliament last year after federal investigators were found to be using custom spyware that could potentially record far more information than allowed by law. The story made headlines, but it lacked a certain sense of the bizarre.

Fortunately for connoisseurs of the weird, Der Spiegel revealed a stranger story in its magazine yesterday. According to the report, a top German security off…

2 thoughts on “One should be careful when playing with fire

  1. Right!  Because if they haven’t done anything wrong, they have nothing to worry about.


    Why not put a GPS tracker on them also, and for that matter read their diary.

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