New force feedback system allows more subtle effects using less power

This sounds like it's a really cool piece of tech that could make force feedback in controllers, phones, and tablets a lot better while also reducing power requirements. Here's hoping we see it in the next generation of game consoles. #seb #neato #computing

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This paper-thin wafer may be the next big thing in force feedback
The most common form of force feedback in our electronic devices is the sort of rumbling buzz you get when a motor spins some sort of mass inside the case of your hardware. Video game controllers usually have two motors, one on each side of the controller, and that sort of "rumble in stereo" configuration allows for a number of effects based on the speed of each motor. This takes power, it takes space, and there's not much you can do with the technology. At CES I met with Vivitouch, a company…

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