It appears the Far Right fringe is literally starting to go insane

Seriously, how can anyone even contemplate doing this let alone actually carrying it out. Especially as a political statement. This is terrorism plain and simple and the person who is responsible needs to be brought to justice. #seb #politics #terrorism #Republicans

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No words. Absolutely despicable.

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Arkansas Democratic Campaign Manager Comes Home To Find Child’s Cat Murdered, ‘LIBERAL’ Written On Dead Body
The campaign manager of Arkansas Democratic congressional candidate Ken Aden arrived home last night to find his child’s pet cat murdered on the front porch with the word “LIBERAL” scrawled across its…

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6 thoughts on “It appears the Far Right fringe is literally starting to go insane

  1. This sickens me in the worst way. As someone who formerly attended college and lived briefly afterwards in Arkansas, I can say this would have been unheard of years ago but sadly does not surprise me in today's political climate. I almost expected them to try to secede again when Obama was elected.

  2. This sickens me, especially to the fact that I happen to be very fond of cats. Whoever did this is gonna face hard time behind bars BIG TIME.

  3. One less cat in the world!
    Whats sickening is that Ken Aden’s home wasn’t secure. It could have been his children he came home to find…..

  4. This is just sad…but in all honesty in the South at least, they don't see animals as anything more than property and there also seems an to be an excess of people that hate cats…. To me I think this isn't much different to a lot of people (who would do something like this) than trashing your mailbox or painting racial epithets on your house.

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