I’m all for saving abandoned pets and animals…

… but I’d be a flat-out liar if I didn’t say that the following is 100% what I do when I see one of these commercials:

In fact, I can’t hit the change channel button fast enough.

Updated to add: You know, now that I think about it, there’s a lot of commercials that make me react that way. Another example is friggin’ Montel Williams shilling for Money Mutual. As soon as I hear “Hi I’m Montel…” the remote is being crushed in my hands as I desperately try to change the channel.

This is why anything that I really want to watch ends up being recorded on the DVR so when I get around to watching it I can skip anything that would make me change the channel. If I’m just browsing the channels either of these, and a host of other, commercials will pretty much guarantee that I stop watching whatever the hell I was watching.

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