I trust Lamar Smith about as far as I could throw him

I've read the bill along with reports from legal analysts who at least appear to know what they're talking about and I definitely think it's going to be abused by the folks who want it most for everything they think they can get away with. Be that quasi-legitimate claims to full-on censorship of stuff they don't like. You can sure as hell kiss Fair Use goodbye if it comes to pass. #seb #Politics #SOPA #Copyright

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SOPA Sponsor Accuses Wikipedia Of Spreading Misinformation
Texas Congressman Lamar Smith, sponsor of the Stop Online Piracy Act that has moved a number of sites, including Craigslist and Reddit to shut down for the day, accuses the biggest name involved in the blackouts, Wikipedia, of doing a disservice to its users by inciting outrage over the piece of legislation.

"It is ironic that a website dedicated to providing information is spreading misinformation about the Stop Online Piracy Act," Smith said in a statement released yesterday. "The bill wil…

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