Government continues to drag its feet on FOIA requests

Of course it’s hard to say if the feet dragging is intentional or a result of incompetence or lack of resources to fulfill the request, but it still damages the reputation of the government. Especially when they supposedly have such a tight deadline to respond, but no repercussions for not doing so. #seb #FOIA #Government #Politics

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You Have The Right To Know . . . Eventually
by Stuart Shapiro
The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows citizens to request information from the government. The government doesn’t necessarily have to provide the information (there are a dozen categories of exemptions to FOIA) but it does have to respond to the request within 20 days. How close does the government get to meeting this requirement?
On Jan. 4, The New York Times received a final response from the Defense Department to a FOIA request made on June 1, 1997. The department …

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