Assuming for a moment that God could vomit

…what would he vomit up? Does God need to eat food? For what reason would God need a gag reflex that could result in his vomiting? Surely he can't get food poisoning. Or is this asshole simply saying that God wants to vomit as a means of expressing how disgusted he is, but can't because he doesn't have a gag reflex or the need to eat? If God is so disgusted by homosexuals why does he keep making them? On top of all of that, how does this asshole know what God wants or is disgusted by? #seb #God #Religion #Assholes

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Santorum Florida Honorary Chair: Gays “Make God Want To Vomit”
The honorary chairman of Rick Santorum’s Florida campaign, Rev. O’Neal Dozier of the Worldwide Christian Center in Pompano Beach, has it in for gays, Mormons and Muslims. Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist already dumped him, but Santorum spoke from his pupit Sunday morning.
After Santorum said his piece at Worldwide Christian Center, Dozier told the Palm Beach Post that Mitt Romney was bound not for the White House, but for hell. “You can look at the June Gallup poll that shows the people have alrea…

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1 thought on “Assuming for a moment that God could vomit

  1. I think he's referring to Revelations 3: 15-16, in which God says that he will 'vomit you out of my mouth" but that was in the context of indifference to god, not homosexuality.

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