Universal is salivating in anticipation of SOPA.

Universal is salivating in anticipation of SOPA.

It's going to take someone with enough resources to afford the lawyers to take this to trial before this sort of abuse is ended. And if SOPA passes you can bet your ass it's only going to get worse with sites not just having content taken down, but their domains seized by the government. #seb

Universal Music uses false copyright claim to censor news program about its false copyright claim

The saga of Universal Music's fraudulent attempt to censor the video major music recording artists produced in support of MegaUpload continues. Not content with perjuring themselves with a false claim of ownership via YouTube's takedown system, Universal has now sent a takedown notice to censor a news report that reproduced the video.

Universal had Monday's episode of Tech News Today pulled off of YouTube for simply reporting on the controversy. Host Tom Merritt and crew played two clips of …

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