These items should be in every tech’s toolkit.

These items should be in every tech's toolkit.

Well, the screen calibration puck may not be mandatory, but everything else is useful. Especially the forceps, which come in handy way more often than you might think. Good not just for attaching tiny cables, but for picking up small screws and other crap you've accidentally dropped into the case. #seb

10 Amazing Peripherals You Didn't Know You Needed [Peripherals]

You're a veteran tech geek. Your friends and family always look to you for advice when buying PC gear or gadgets. Yet there's still stuff you don't own, and don't realize you need. Now, it's true that many of you may have a couple of the items on this list. But there's likely gear here you don't have, and didn't realize you could use.
Note that I've defined "peripherals" a little more loosely. Some of these items don't connect to your PC, and might be called tools in other contexts. But since…

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