Testing out Google+ Importer.

You may recall that for awhile I was running the Google+Blog plugin right up until it stopped working. Which is odd, because it’s been working just fine for ***Dave on his site. I wasn’t entirely happy with how it formatted things, but I do share a lot of things from Google Reader which end up on Google+ which would be nice to have imported into SEB for a little extra content here. It’s mainly stuff that I don’t have enough to say about for a full-blown blogpost, but which I thought would be worth sharing with folks. So when Google+Blog stopped working and I couldn’t figure out why, well, I was a tad disappointed. Especially seeing as I’d paid a few bucks for it.

Today, out of curiosity, I did a Google+ search on the WordPress plugins database and discovered that there were a couple of other options for doing the same thing. One of those is the Google+ Importer plugin which seems to have most of the same feature set as Google+Blog, but actually works on SEB. It also seems to do a little better with the formatting. The one thing it doesn’t do, which the previous plugin did, is import comments from Google+. That’d be nice, but I’m less concerned with that than I am with just getting the content over here.

What does this mean for you? More new content more often on SEB. You won’t need a Google+ account to see any of it and I can selectively control what comes over by use of a simple hashtag.

3 thoughts on “Testing out Google+ Importer.

  1. I’ll have to see how it looks.  I’d love for a bit more formatting control, but that may or may not be possible based on how Plus actually renders things.

    Still think it’s kinda weird that Google+Blog stopped working for you.

  2. The only extra bit of formatting it does at the moment is puts in CSS tags so it can be styled differently from the other content if you wish to do so. I just think the posts it creates are better looking in general. It has the same time offset problem that Google+Blog had, but I put in a feature request and the author thinks it’s a good idea so we should see it sometime soon. On the plus side, when Google+ Importer makes a post “in the future” it shows up as a Scheduled post and not one already live on the blog.

  3. Incidentally, the plugin was just updated with my suggestion to have it use the time off-set in the local WordPress blog to correctly enter dates on imported entries. Now they show up when I created them and not five hours in the future. I sent the author a donation as a thank you.

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