Now that the Iraq war is finally coming to a close…

Now that the Iraq war is finally coming to a close it’s time to ask if it was worth it.

I’d have to say absolutely not. Afghanistan was a justified war that dragged on in part because we decided to kick Iraq’s ass for no good reason. We’ve wasted billions first destroying and then attempting to rebuild a country that posed absolutely no threat to the United States. And we damaged our reputation and standing with our allies in the process. Worst of all, we compromised on our own values and engaged in torture and war crimes. The Iraq war is not a success story, but a lesson in hubris and arrogance. #seb

Update: The Iraq War Ledger

See also: Turning the Page in Iraq by Brian Katulis, U.S.-Iraq Relations Enter a New Era by Peter Juul
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The United States is withdrawing the last of its troops from Iraq this month, which makes now an appropriate time to begin weighing the costs and benefits to U.S. national security from our intervention there.
On May 1, 2003, President George W. Bush stood aboard the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and …

3 thoughts on “Now that the Iraq war is finally coming to a close…

  1. Personally, I think the Iraq War situation was alot worst than the Vietnam War.  Even thought we did get Saddam, it felt like it wasn’t worth all that trouble.

    Also, I dunno if we can see ourselves pulling out of Afghanistan even after we got that a-hole Bin Laden.

  2. The Iraq war was a national disgrace. It was unnecessary and led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians. It ran up massive deficits that are going to be a pain in the ass to pay off.  And it contributed to increasing the gap between rich and poor in our country.  Among other things.


  3. The Iraq War was not worse than Vietnam, though that should hardly encourage anyone. I heard on CNN the other day that 20% of suicides are veterans. That shows a grave moral failing on the part of our society, but it is only the latest. The Iraq War was the beginning of America’s recent march downhill, and in some ways our society deserves the result. Unfortunately the majority of the burden has been placed on those who did their jobs, the troops, and not on those who manipulated the nation into war and those who ate it up uncritically. It was “treason” to oppose the Iraq War a few years ago, according to those people, yet now most Americans are glad we are out. I wonder what happened to all of those Bush voters who were spouting that bile, who supported the war at all costs and called critics “un-American.” Perhaps they were raptured. Now we have nothing but deficit hawk Republicans; shame they did not exist when Bush was President. I suppose the average age of Republican pundits in 2011 is three years old, because I did not hear any of these talking heads attacking Bush for his spending.

    At least most of the Republican candidates are forthright in their contemptuous attitudes; with the exception of Ron Paul they are all critical of the withdrawal, as though it had not already been planned before Obama came into office. That they would criticize the end of the war is yet another insult to the troops, but at least they are not hiding it.

    Iraqi society will hopefully continue to recover from the Saddam regime-American invasion combo of destruction. For all the damage it cost us, the Iraqis have had it worse and while I regret the resources we spent and the lives we lost I do wish the Iraqis well, for whatever that is worth. As for the veterans of the war, they deserve whatever our society can offer them and hopefully we act accordingly.

    And RIP to Christopher Hitchens who has passed away. He was a hero, a great intellectual, and a champion for atheists. I think he was wrong about the Iraq War, but unlike nearly every other supporter of the war he was clearly sincere in his advocacy and made the only coherent, honest, and rational arguments that I ever heard in favor of it. I celebrate his work and accomplishments, God is Not Great in particular will be a source for good for years to come, and I hope that he passed away knowing how admired and respected he really was.

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