It’s really pretty simple.

6 thoughts on “It’s really pretty simple.

  1. Prefer live long and prosper as it’s a sentiment for life rather than just for the holidays.

    Moloch, your plans for the holidays are?

    A) Try to become the new head honcho of Al-Qaeda?

    B)  Oust Kim Jong Un before he has taken full control of North Korea?

    C)  Hibernate for next 3 months?

    D) Eat a roast robin for X-MAS?

    Answers on a postcard to:

    Central Intelligence Agency
    Office of Public Affairs
    Washington, D.C. 20505



  2. Answer: D, though foie gras is much tastier.

    Un is the best choice to lead Korea. Nam is tainted by western desires, Song is a woman and Chul is such a pussy he might as well be a woman.

  3. I had a realization at work the other day that there is a certain kind of person who has taken “Merry Christmas” and turned it into an angry, combative statement, a political challenge. These people are almost, to a one, the same who bitch about “taking Christ out of Christmas” and, ironically, they have, despite their rhetoric, replaced Christ with vehemence and spite. Also ironically, these people seem to have much less merry Christmases than pretty much all of the non-Christians I know because they’re obsessed with their false sense of victimhood.

    I mean, like the picture says, if someone earnestly wishes me a good day, I don’t care what words are used. But to these War on Christmas motherfuckers the intent is irrelevant so long as they can find an excuse to be fucking Grinchy.

  4. “How about a simple “Go fuck yourself”?” -Moloch


    Okay, since you asked nicely. Go fuck yourself, Moloch.

    You’r right, that does work pretty good…

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