I wonder how long it’ll be before there’s a whole section of the criminal code devoted to Patriotism Crimes.

Only a Republican would try to pass patriotism laws dictating what is an isn’t unacceptable displays of patriotism. First up: How to properly sing the Star Spangled Banner. Next: Banning of dissent.

Indiana Senator Wants To Fine People For Messing Up The Star Spangled Banner

Submitted by James Morgan

Indiana Republican State Senator Vaneta Becker wants “performance standards” for the Star Spangled Banner.

Becker of Evansville calls for the Indiana Department of Education to implement specific “performance standards” for the way the anthem is sang and played at any event sponsored by public schools and state universities.

The bill seeks to fine individuals $25 if intentional changes are made to the song.

If you’re at a Colts game, warning: don’t ad-lib.

3 thoughts on “I wonder how long it’ll be before there’s a whole section of the criminal code devoted to Patriotism Crimes.

  1. You gotta wonder who these politicians think they are.  No body elected them The Humanity Leaders.  They aren’t  God.  We have enough useless laws now we don’t need more on our plates!!   Lets get back to the basics and stop adding needless sh** to make people think that these people are looking out for us when they only want to make a name for themselves!!

  2. There kind of already is a section like that. Strangely enough, the very people that support crimes that make insufficient or incorrect patriotism illegal are the very ones most likely to violate those laws.

    The flag code is full of all manner of wankery and is practically impossible to not violate at some point or another if you’re the sort of person that insists on having a flag waving outside your house. (Or flag bumper stickers or clothes.) Some of those violations are misdemeanors. They just aren’t enforced unless you’re on a military base. Even then all you get is your ass chewed by the SP/MPs. (At least that’s what you get as a civilian. I have no idea what people in a uniform get in addition to their ass chewing.)

    I think I’d be willing to pay the fine to irritate the kind of people that think laws mandating the correct singing of the national anthem are necessary. Enraging them is worth $25.

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