Cosplayers are going professional?

I have to admit that I’m really surprised to learn that cosplayers are being sponsored. Though it makes a lot of sense, especially given the amazing attention to detail and work being done by some of the cosplayers out there. Graziano is one of the best and it’s great to see her landing work doing what she loves to do. #seb

One of the World’s Sexiest Cosplayers is Going Professional [Video]

Regular readers of our Fancy Pants cosplay feature here on Kotaku will be familiar with the phenomenal work of Crystal Graziano. From Metal Gear to Valkyria Chronicles, she’s one of the most recognisable and successful video game cosplayers around.
So much so that her work is now being professionally sponsored.
In a sign that the art of cosplay is beginning to be taken very seriously, Firefall developers Red 5 Studios have made the move to sign Crystal up to a one-year sponsorship, where the …

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