You really have to wonder how long it'll be before someone fights back

… and someone ends up dead. #seb

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Charges Of Police Brutality Against Army Veteran At Occupy Oakland Demonstraton « Alan Colmes' Liberaland
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2 thoughts on “You really have to wonder how long it'll be before someone fights back

  1. States where 2nd Amendment rights have been effectively legislated away, people have limited or no means to protect themselves. Other places in the country groups are taking diff approach (ie: Phoenix, Armed militias groups with M16's there "protecting protesters"). Not seen any mention on network tv news acknowledging that happening.
    Justin Rosario – "These are not liberals by any stretch of the imagination. The armed citizen, J.T. is, in fact, a neo-nazi. While one can assume he finds hippes and liberals…distasteful, he still makes a point of stating that he doesn’t even need to agree with the protest; they still have the right to be there without being assaulted by, yup, the government."

  2. Interesting link you posted Gremot. After watching the vid there it made me wonder just what would happen if someone were to have and “accidental” discharge of their weapon (not that one, the other one lol).

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