Yet another developer figures out the obvious about DRM

The only people who are penalized by DRM are the legitimate customers. It's good to see more and more people in the industry cluing into this fact. There isn't a single DRM producer out there who can claim his product will protect yours for more than a day, if even that given how often games a cracked and leak prior to hitting store shelves these days. #seb

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Witcher 2 studio co-founder says DRM doesn't work
As some publishers continue to expend massive resources in the fight against piracy, or completely ignore the PC platform, another developer has thrown their voice behind the idea of eliminating digital rights management (DRM) altogether. Sounding a lot like Brad Wardell did back in 2008 when he discussed his Gamer's Bill of Rights with Shacknews, CD Projekt RED co-founder Marcin Iwinski says that DRM simply doesn't work. And he's got more proof that there's a better way: CD Projekt RED's The…

4 thoughts on “Yet another developer figures out the obvious about DRM

  1. To be fair these guys have been anti DRM from the start. They also run Good Old Games which has no DRM and hosts as you would expect good old games.

  2. Passive DRM (Serial number, generated code, encryption) has never worked. Its easy to crack and keys can be shared or generated.

    ACTIVE DRM does work. But that requires a connection to “call home” and a “home” to call to. Not every person/device will have access to call through and a company will not support activation forever.

  3. Not even active DRM works. You can find cracks out there for anything that uses it. Even Windows 7, which has one of the better active DRM schemes, has to update WAT every so often to deal with anywhere from 70 to 100 new activation hacks with new ones coming out all the time.

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