What foods are so good that you always end up burning your mouth on them?

Yeah, it kind of feels like that.

The impetus for this question came to me while brushing my teeth this morning and being reminded that I had burned the roof of my mouth on the left side the night before by digging into my wife’s homemade chicken noodle soup before giving it time to cool. I do this every damned time she makes CNS because it’s just so damned tasty that I can’t wait to start in on it.

I always think to myself: Remember, you burned your mouth last time so give it time to cool. And inevitably I still start too soon and end up with a singed gum line someplace in my mouth.  What the hell is wrong with me that I can’t give it a good five or ten minutes to let thermodynamics do its thing and make it safe to eat? It’s not like it’s going to jump off the table and run away or that I have any pressing engagements to worry about.

So I’m curious: Do you guys have any foods that you find so delicious that you end up burning your mouth trying to eat them too soon or am I the only dumbass who does this sort of thing?

8 thoughts on “What foods are so good that you always end up burning your mouth on them?

  1. Pizza. Always pizza, as soon as it’s out of the oven and into a plate/box/hand/face, I take my first bite and burn the roof of my mouth.

    I vaguely remember a Pizza Elemental D&D monster (as well as a Gummi Bear, ooze-type). The pizza had two abilities: Burn The Roof Of Your Mouth and Land Face Down.

    I know I’m not alone.

  2. Any hot drinks (tea), or soup. My wife makes excellent soup too, and I can never wait…
    Pizzas also a frequent culprit.

    Actually anything served hot. I’m just to impatient when it comes to food…

  3. The really stupid thing is that by not waiting you decreased the enjoyment that you so anticipated. Maybe if it happens often enough you will start associating soup with mouth burns and then you won’t look forward to it anymore. That would be ridiculous,

  4. I’m reading an uninteresting book, Charles Darwin’s “The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals”. Darwin says that he observed his dog being highly excited at the prospect of food– jumping, wriggling, wagging his tail, running around– but when the dog actually got the food it just ate the food without moving its whole body around. Darwin concluded that anticipation of pleasure is not the same emotion as pleasure.

    He didn’t develop the idea, but I think he was contrasting this situation with the case of, say, a reader crying over a sad novel. The sadness you feel because oif a novel is the same emotion you feel when something bad happens to you, evn though the first case is imaginary and the second is real. So you might think that, in the case of anticipating pleasure, you are imagining in the mind the pleasure that is to come and therefore pleasure is the emotion you feel. Well, that’s wrong, the cas of the dog illustrates that anticipating pleasure is a different emotion from pleasure.

    The main features of anticipation are energy and alertness. So obviously it is some sort of hunting instinct. It would not be cost effective for an animal to always go around in a state of high alertness and I guess randomly going into states of alertness wouldn’t be good either, but it would be good if you could time the alert states so that they tended to happen when there was an increased chance of prey being nearby. Thus, anticipation, the state of being alert because you recognize your current circumstances as being similar to ones that were followed by pleasure. So anticipation is the emotion, “Get it! Get it! The prey is nearby! It’s in sight! Leap for it! Move! Move!”. Or, in the case of social animals like humans I guess it could also be, “Food is nearby! Quick, grab it before another member of the herd sees it and gets to it first!”

    So the point is, you may have reduced your pleasure by eating the soup before it was cool and burning your mouth, but you GOT THAT SOUP BEFORE IT COULD RUN AWAY. Well done, mighty hunter. To really get into the spirit, maybe the next time it happens you could afterwards beat your manly chest and let out a roar of triumph.

  5. Homemade tostadas. The cheese makes a hermetic seal over the steaming beans, so that your first bite blasts you with superheated steam. Ouch!

    But yum!

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