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Police States of America
It’s not often these days that I do a cartoon without color, but I felt this one called for the starkness of the black and white inks. I actually wanted the ink to come out heavier and even more distinct, but I think the details on the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal made that difficult.

This cartoon refers to the sudden and brutal crackdowns on Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, which began in the dead of night last week in cities across the nation, and I’ve read were coordinated by the Departm…

1 thought on “This seems about right

  1. It isn’t a “crackdown on demonstrators”, its removing homeless people that are obstructing the use taxpayer property. The “occupy” joke isn’t hurting the 1% in any way, shape or form, they are hurting normal citizens who want to use public parks and walk down city streets without being harassed or intimidated.

    If people can’t get a job, its their own fault. Either they they are too lazy to take the effort to learn a marketable skill or they went to “college” for some work-worthless skill (such as IT, criminal justice, nursing or literature) and believe they are entitled to a high paying job. I’ve been to a career “college” and I know the kind of people that attend them, 99% are just lazy high school failures that only go there because they don’t anything about the world outside of a school environment. Those masses of losers are just an obstruction to the 1%, like me, that actually set learning as their top priority.

    Most of the blame goes to the “colleges” themselves. Their top priority is churning through as many “students” as possible to collect that $18-25k apiece from them.

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