They're getting more and more clever.

They're getting more and more clever.

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Researchers discover zero-day Windows exploit in Duqu virus
The Duqu virus uses a previously unknown vulnerability to hijack Window's services control process to do its bidding, and spreads itself over network file shares.

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2 thoughts on “They're getting more and more clever.

  1. Windows and viruses, so 1980′s. Get with the Mac.

    Pride goeth before a fall, M. Macs are hardly bulletproof and their patch cycles are not very quick. Also they really aren’t very good Enterprise machines. I often recommend them to home users however.

    Once upon a time those padlocks with the round keys were thought to be un-pickable, until someone figured out how to do it with a 25-cent BIC pen.

    Even as a Linux user I recognize no platform is safe. Recently I heard a saying that I wish I could remember, about how any developer can make a system so secure that he or she cannot imagine a way to exploit it. Security is going to require some really fundamental change. I don’t know what change it will be, but it will have to start with recognition of systemic vulnerability.

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