There was a time I found Dennis Miller funny, now he’s just sad

Seriously, he's gone off the deep end. Drunk the Conservative Kool-Aid. Bought the Republican time-share. Etc. #seb

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Dennis Miller Claims He Spent A Five-Hour Flight Thinking About Hitting The Muslim Guy Next To Him
Dennis Miller told Bill O’Reilly he couldn’t enjoy the movie on a cross-country flight because he was too busy fantasizing about hitting the Islamic man next to him in the head.
While discussing the Republican presidential field, Miller abruptly said, “Billy, I just flew five hours from L.A. to New York next to Islamic kid who was in his 30s. I couldn’t even watch the movie. I just fantasized [about] hitting him in the head with an elbow if he went up.”

4 thoughts on “There was a time I found Dennis Miller funny, now he’s just sad

  1. With you there, Les — there was a time when Dennis was smart and witty and iconoclastic.

    Then, the next thing I knew, he was Crazy Uncle Dennis, ranting about the Bilderbergers and the One World Congress and Those Damn Furriners Who Moved In Up The Street.

    Sad. And disturbing.

    (Dennis — if you obsess for five hours about hitting someone in the head who's sitting next to you, the problem is not with him, but with you.)

  2. Indeed it is sad, I admired him very much as a child when he was on SNL. Later in his HBO specials I tried to like him still. I couldn't as he toed the line of the warmongers. So sad Dennis; your vocabulary, writing prowess and delivery skills are impressive but you use your extraordinary powers for purely selfish and divisive ends. 🙁 So sad.

  3. The cowardice of neoconservatism has been evident for some time. While it is theoretically true that another terrorist attack could conceivably occur at any time, 9/11 is no longer an excuse for this kind of paranoia; it was over ten years ago. If you still find yourself terribly convinced that any Muslim anywhere and at any time is a threat to you, then no amount of drone strikes and preemptive warfare are going to solve your problems quite as well as a bit of medication.

    The problem with Miller is likely not that he really fears Muslims, however, but that he believes the only way to preserve his terminal career is to be the lapdog of people like O’Reilly. And he is probably right. While he revealed himself to be a rather ugly person in the aftermath of 9/11, the real problem with Miller is that he has not been funny for a long time, which is the only unforgivable sin for a comedian.

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