The SEB Podcast Episode 7 is now available for your listening pleasure.

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So you may recall that last Sunday Dave, George, and I sat down to do a podcast. Which we did, about an hour later than I had intended seeing as I allowed myself to become engrossed in shooting bad guys and ended up being almost an hour late to my own podcast. Still, we got through it and had a good time and talked about Google Reader and how sad we all are at the removal of its testicles social features, we talked about Herman Cain and his current popularity with the Republican party with a little Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter thrown in for good measure, a little about Occupy Wall Street, there was some video game banter on how they may become the new medium for story telling, some love for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, some kudos to Apple for being one of the few corporations that actually pay taxes in the U.S., and a whole lot of other stuff to boot. Plus the return of opening music that we hope we won’t get sued over.

This was a tougher than usual podcast in part because my brain just wasn’t working right at the time. Still, through the magic of two hours of audio editing I was able to clean up a lot of the long and awkward pauses and make us all sound coherent in thought and speech. Which was particularly important for me considering how much trouble I was having just putting sentences together.

As always you can either download the full episode by clicking here or you can listen to it using the audio player at the bottom of this entry. It’ll take up just a wee bit over an hour to listen to (a wee bit being 3 minutes). We had a good time doing it and we hope you enjoy listening to it. Feel free to leave your comments/criticisms/accolades in the comments below.


5 thoughts on “The SEB Podcast Episode 7 is now available for your listening pleasure.

  1. That was a good episode. I didn’t get the impression that any of you were off your stride or anything.

  2. That’s the magic of several hours of editing. I now have an idea of what the folks at NPR must go through to put out their daily news stories. It’s amazing how many long pauses interrupted by “ums” and “ahs” and such are in the average conversation. Not to mention stutters, sniffles, coughs, etc.. Plus there were at least a couple of bits of talking over each other that I edited out for clarity.

    To give you an idea, the original recording was an hour and 12.5 minutes long. The edited recording was 1 hour and 3.2 minutes long. That means I edited out nearly 10 minutes of pauses, ums, ers, and other assorted unnecessary additions. And that’s after I added a 25 second musical introduction at the start of the podcast which means I probably edited out more than 10 minutes worth of stuff. (The musical introduction is actually 30 seconds, but I start talking at the 25 second mark).

  3. When I wrote “make America as successful as Godfather’s Pizza” that was meant to tongue-in-cheek. Wasn’t sure if that was conveyed given the reaction.

    Nice job guys, look forward to the next one.

  4. I have three things to mention about the podcast Les. First it was informative. Second it was humorous. Third–what was that third thing? Ah–it was right on the tip of my tongue…Dammit–Think, think,

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